Complete Build-out

Skeetawk’s ultimate $53 million dollar build out, creating the largest ski area in Alaska, is being completed in three Phases with Phase 1a nearly completed! Download the full plan.

As a board of directors, we focus on three Capital Projects at a time. During this focus, we work hard to design and fund each project, with the scope of the overall build-out always in mind. Skeetawk’s next three projects are: Snowmaking equipment, a day lodge facility, and the next lift to mid-mountain!! For a more in-depth view of each project in the complete build-out, please download the Skeetawk Development Plan in the link above.

Focus 1: Snowmaking (Project #7)

With temperatures reaching below freezing well before the first snowfall of the year, Skeetawk’s mountain is ready to capitalize on the benefits of snowmaking equipment. Snowmaking is a unique feature in ski areas, where the majority of snowmaking operations take place prior to the start of the season or any real snowfall. Man made snow is much denser than natural snow, and performs excellently as a base for natural snow to fall onto. With the strong base in place, there is a much lower risk of thin cover on the runs. Snowmaking capabilities also allow for greater programming on the mountain such as the build up of terrain park features, race course protection, and other additional snow management needs.

The cost of installing Snowmaking equipment at Skeetawk Ski Area is $1-2 million (variance is between the quality of snowmaker installed). To donate funds directly toward the cost of snowmaking please click here.

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Focus 2: Day Lodge (project #14)

The bathroom facility which is planned to accompany the lodge was built in the fall of 2022.
The bathroom facility which is planned to accompany the lodge was opened to the public fall of 2023!

As Skeetawk continues development further up the mountain, the necessary infrastructure must be installed to effectively manage this growth. A Day Lodge is a necessary component for a base of operations which will ensure customers are able to obtain everything they need (tickets, rentals, food, beverage, information) for a safe day on the mountains. Additionally, a Day Lodge is necessary as Skeetawk’s summertime development continues to flourish, with the opportunity for our community to use this facility for private rentals, educational purposes, or leisure as they explore the great outdoors year-round!

The cost of installing the Day Lodge is $6 million. To donate funds directly toward the cost of the Day Lodge please click here.

Focus 3: lift to mid-mountain (project #18)

The next lift will end on the shelf above the treeline!

The capital project everyone has been waiting for is finally here!! The installation of a high-speed quad lift or gondola to the mid-mountain shelf in our lease area will more than double the amount of lift accessed skiable terrain in Skeetawk’s lease area. The runs will be longer, the snow will be better, the terrain will be more diverse, and everyone will be happier! Installing this lift will also significantly expand the amount of programing Skeetawk is able to host.

The cost of installing the mid-mountain lift is $9 million. To donate funds directly toward the cost of the lift please click here.