Facility Rental

Thank you for your interest in renting Skeetawk for your upcoming event! Skeetawk is a non-profit organization with the mission to develop and maintain a regional alpine ski area in Hatcher Pass to promote safe outdoor recreation, education, and healthy lifestyles. Any profits Skeetawk collects are applied directly to making this mission a reality for our community!

REntal Duration

All facility rental pricing is based on a 12 hour rental period. If set-up is required the day before or after, this can be accommodated as part of the package.

Chair lift service

Why have your event at a ski area and not spin the lift? Skeetawk offers lift service as a feature in all facility rentals. Lift service is offered for a 3 hour duration at any time during your event period. If you would like to keep the lift spinning for longer than 3 hours, the lift can be rented at an hourly rate. For summertime use, guests are permitted to ride the lift up but must walk down one of our designated trails. No intoxicated persons will be allowed to use the lift.

Mountain View Stage

Skeetawk’s facility hosts one of the most beautiful stages in the state with our Alaskan mountains providing the backdrop. The stage is included in the facility rental for any purpose. The stage has power, and comes with outdoor Bluetooth speakers. If you would like to bring your own sound equipment, that is permitted.

Alcohol service

If you would like to avoid the hassle of arranging alcohol service for your event, Skeetawk in parthership with Alaskan Brewing will arrange service and sale of all alcoholic beverages (beer and wine). Skeetawk will keep the proceeds of all alcohol served, as is required by state law for the permit.

Package pricing

All rentals require a security deposit of 50% of the total package price
Private Ski Hill Rental
Includes 5 hours of private lift service for skiing and snowboarding, yurt, stage and Skeetawk lease area
$10,00012 Hour Rental
5 Hour Lift Service with skiing and snowboarding
Deluxe Skeetawk Rental
Includes yurt, stage, upper patrol shack, Skeetawk lease area, 3 hour Lift Service, and Setup/Cleanup Period. Perfect for Weddings and full-day events!
$3,2506 Hour Setup
12 Hour Rental
3 Hour Lift Service
6 Hour Cleanup
Standard Skeetawk Rental
Includes yurt, stage, upper patrol shack, and Skeetawk lease area
$2,00012 Hour Rental
Yurt Rental
Building rental only
$20012 Hour Rental
Date hold deposit$250
Setup or Cleanup outside rental period$2506 Hour Period
Lift Service$7503 Hour Period
Lift Service Hourly$150Per Additional Hour
Alcohol Service
Applicable for public events only, not private rentals

To book Skeetawk as the venue for your next event, please email generalmanager@skeetawk.com!

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